Dr. Narasimhan strives to offer each of his patients customized care so that he can help them achieve their desired goals. Patients in Arlington can book a consultation so that Dr. Narasimhan can understand the results you want to achieve and evaluate you before deciding on the best procedure to help you.

Dr. Narasimhan offers a wide array of rejuvenating and reconstructive procedures that, added to his extensive experience, has been helping get dramatic-yet-natural-looking results. You can benefit with the most technologically advanced techniques available in the market today at his clinic.

Facial surgical procedures

With the onset of age, there are several signs of aging that you may see on your face. For some people, these aging signs begin at an early age as well due to several factors like sun damage, genetics, or other lifestyle and environmental factors. Patients in Arlington will find that Dr. Narasimhan offers many procedures to enhance your facial appearance and give you a rejuvenated and youthful look. Some of the face enhancement procedures that can benefit you include:

Breast surgery procedures

Most women are unhappy with the shape or size of their breasts. You may find that you have asymmetrical breasts or they have sagged after pregnancy and breast feeding. Women suffering from the side effects of large breasts also look for a procedure that can help them regain their self-image and eliminate the related physical issues. Women in Arlington can consult Dr. Narasimhan for a beneficial breast surgery procedure that will help them achieve the breasts they always wanted.

Body surgery procedures

Even those who regularly exercise and keep fit may suffer from certain stubborn fatty areas on their bodies. Pregnancy and childbirth leaves a woman’s body with several issues that are not easy to get rid of. Women in Arlington who are looking for ways to contour and rejuvenate their abdomen, labia, thighs, bra fat, and other areas can book a consultation with Dr. Narasimhan to choose the best surgery. Body contouring is popular and offered by most plastic surgeons, but only an experienced and skilled plastic surgeon like him can offer results that are dramatic and yet look natural. Some of the procedures offered at his clinic are:

Surgical procedures for men

Almost every cosmetic and medical surgical procedure that women have turned to for rejuvenation and elimination is also performed on men. A skilled surgeon like Dr. Narasimhan ensures that the procedure is adapted to the specific needs of men. Whether you are looking to eliminate aging signs from your face or reduce male breasts, he will ensure you get just the results you were looking for. Men in Arlington can choose from these procedures:

Reconstructive procedures in Lexington

If you suffer from a wound or underwent a C-section that left a scar, you may be glad to know that Dr. Narasimhan offers his extensive experience with reconstructive procedures to help you eliminate these. From scar revision to reconstruction of the breasts, there are several reconstructive procedures you can benefit from. The procedures offered in Arlington are:

Non-surgical procedures

A surgical cosmetic procedure is not always the right procedure for everybody. Some may want to delay going under the knife but still wish to rejuvenate their appearance in the meanwhile. If you are in Lexington and looking for similar options, Dr. Narasimhan can offer you several non-surgical options which will give you naturally beautiful results. The procedures you can choose from include:

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