Dr. Narasimhan provides individualized care and superior results at his Lexington clinic. It is his endeavor to offer each of his patients personalized attention to make sure they choose the right procedure to achieve their goals. Dr. Narasimhan’s practice offers a safe and welcoming environment to its patients to offer them consistently excellent results.

If you are in Lexington and looking for a rejuvenating or reconstructive procedure to achieve natural looking results, Lexington plastic surgeon Dr. Narasimhan can help you choose from an array of surgical and non-surgical procedures. He is skilled and experienced in the most advanced techniques that are available today and that is why he is able to offer his patients the beautiful results they are enjoying.

Facial surgical procedures

There are a number of facial procedures that Dr. Narasimhan offers, which can help you naturally enhance your facial features. When meeting somebody at work or socially, your face is the first thing they see. Unfortunately, it is the first place where the signs of aging begin as well. Cutting edge surgical procedures in Lexington can help you look and feel young once again. The procedures you can opt for include:

Breast surgery procedures

There are many reasons why women look for a breast surgery. It could range from loss of volume to the breasts being too large; sagging to reconstruction after mastectomy. If you are looking for a breast surgery procedure in Lexington, Dr. Narasimhan offers several procedures that help improve the shape and size of your breasts. Whether you are looking for a reconstructive or cosmetic procedure, you can be assured of the best results using the most recent technology. Here are the breast procedures you can opt for.

Body surgery procedures

Almost everybody today is struggling with certain body parts that do not look the way they desire. Either they are struggling with stubborn fat deposits in areas like the abdomen or thighs which do not respond to exercise and diet; or pregnancy and hereditary influences have taken a toll on their bodies. If you are also looking for body contouring procedures to achieve the body of your dreams, Dr. Narasimhan offers dramatic-yet-natural results with the most comprehensive procedures. When in Lexington, you can choose from:

Surgical procedures for men

With time, men have realized the importance of rejuvenating their appearance as well. Almost all procedures that help women look their best are done for men too. Dr. Narasimhan knows that these cosmetic and non-surgical procedures require an approach that is specifically suited for men. Men in Lexington can benefit from these procedures:

Reconstructive procedures in Lexington

Dr. Narasimhan offers his extensive experience with reconstructive procedures to his patients in Lexington. If you are unhappy with a scar or have to undergo a mastectomy, you can be assured of natural-looking results and personal care. Here are the procedures that are offered:

Non-surgical procedures

Not everybody who wants to rejuvenate their appearance is ready for a surgical procedure. Patients in Lexington can now enjoy beautiful and natural-looking results from the various non-surgical procedures offered by Dr. Narasimhan. Here are the procedures you can get:

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