Lacerations, or cuts, can occur at any time to anyone. When accidents happen, it is important to see a medical professional in Boston to ensure that the laceration is not serious. Laceration Repair in Concord and Boston can remedy any cuts or wounds that may have occurred.

What is Laceration Repair?

Laceration Repair is done to remedy any kind of laceration or cut on the body. The skin is most commonly affected by lacerations, though fatty tissue, tendons, nerves, muscles, blood vessels, and bones can also be affected. If a laceration continues to bleed after fifteen minutes of constant pressure, is exposing any type of underlying tissue, or is located in an area where a noticeable scar may appear, Laceration Repair may be necessary.

How is Laceration Repair done?

Laceration Repair is done to stop bleeding, prevent infection, and restore the appearance of the wounded tissue. Dr. Nathan Narasimhan will carefully examine the wound, making sure it does not contain any dirt, debris, or foreign objects. He will then check to make sure no nerves or tendons have been damaged. If so, these need to be repaired immediately. The area will then be cleaned with a sterile solution, and sutures will repair the wound. Lastly, dressings will be placed.

Who is a good candidate for Laceration Repair?

Patients who have experienced a deep cut or wound who are worried about the appearance of the wounded area or scarring after it heals may greatly benefit from Laceration Repair.

What should I expect during recovery from Laceration Repair?

Patients should keep their wound clean for 24 hours after Laceration Repair but should avoid fully submerging the laceration in water. The treatment area should be cleaned twice a day with Hydrogen Peroxide to prevent any infections. After the sutures are removed, patients should be sure to wear sunblock to avoid discoloration of any scarring.

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