Some patients may experience severe wounds that extend into the deep underlying tissues. This can cause trauma to both the inner and outer layers of the skin. Wound Reconstruction in Concord and Boston can help to reconstruct any areas that have been affected by severe wounds.

What is Wound Reconstruction?

Wound Reconstruction is done to reconstruct areas that have undergone severe wounds. There are multiple reconstruction techniques, which consist of skin grafts, tissue expansion, and flaps.

How is Wound Reconstruction done?

Skin grafts are one Wound Reconstruction technique that can help to treat patients who have experienced severe burns. The skin is grafted from another area of the patient’s body and will begin to grow new blood vessels. Grafts can also be used to treat ulcers, large wounds, surgery for skin cancer, and other reconstructive surgeries.

Tissue expansion and flaps are often used in Breast Reconstruction surgery. Tissue expansion is done with a saline filled balloon that is placed under the skin. This creates a pocket for a breast implant to be placed into. Flaps usually involve tissue and muscle being transferred from another area of the body to the breasts, and blood vessels being attached from the flap to the wound.

Who is a good candidate for Wound Reconstruction?

Patients who have experienced a severe wound that has extended deep into the underlying tissue may be a good candidate for Would Reconstruction. A consultation with Dr. Narasimhan will confirm your eligibility for these procedures.

What should I expect during recovery from Wound Reconstruction?

Recovery time from Wound Reconstruction depends on multiple factors including the type of Wound Reconstruction that has been done, the extent of reconstruction that had been done, the patient’s state of health, and skin elasticity.

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