A tummy tuck in Arlington is a surgical body procedure used to remove excess fat and tissue from the abdominal area. A loose or sagging abdominal can be a result of weight loss, pregnancy, age, or heredity. With a tummy tuck, patients can achieve a well-toned, firm appearance. Dr. Narasimhan is a board certified plastic surgeon seeing patients in the Arlington, MA area for their plastic surgery needs.

Tummy Tuck Candidates

Candidates for a tummy tuck procedure must be in good health and be at a stable weight. Those in the Arlington MA area can benefit from a tummy tuck if they experience bothersome excess skin and tissue that cannot be gotten rid of through diet and exercise. Successful candidates for a tummy tuck in Arlington also have realistic expectations for results and maintain a positive outlook.

Tummy Tuck Procedure

The procedure for a tummy tuck in Arlington, MA requires either sedation or general anesthesia for the patient’s comfort. The next step in the procedure is to make the incisions. One incision will be made horizontally between the pubic hairline and the belly button. A second incision around the belly button may be required if the upper abdomen is a target area. Your incisions for a tummy tuck procedure will be determined depending on the extent of your excess skin and tissue. After the incisions, the abdominal skin is lifted and underlying muscle is repaired. The incisions are then closed using sutures, skin adhesives, or surgical tape.

Tummy Tuck Recovery

After your tummy tuck procedure in Arlington, Dr. Narasimhan will provide you with all the necessary post-op instructions. Dressings or bandages will be placed over the incisions and a compression garment might be required to minimize swelling. To eliminate any excess fluid, a small tube will be placed under the skin and will be removed after a few days. It is essential to rest after a tummy tuck procedure however, you might be assisted in walking as early as the next day in order to reduce the risk of blood clots. Moderate pain can be experienced but controlled with medication prescribed by Dr. Narasimhan. Swelling will be experienced during the first six weeks and could take longer to fully diminish. During recovery, it is important to avoid strenuous activity or quick motions that might reopen the incisions. Your follow up appointments with Dr. Narasimhan will ensure that recovery is going smoothly.

Tummy Tuck Results

Results of your tummy tuck procedure in Arlington, MA can be obscured by swelling during the first few weeks. As swelling subsides over the course of recovery, you can begin to notice the true results of your surgery with a slimmer, well-toned figure. You can expect a flatter abdominal and might see a boost in self-confidence. A tummy tuck makes it easier to wear fitted clothes and to exercise more comfortably.

Tummy Tuck Consultation in Arlington

If you are in the Arlington, MA area and experience loose, sagging skin in the abdominal area, contact our office today. we can give you more information on the tummy tuck procedure as well as schedule your consultation with Dr. Narasimhan.

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